We’re Excited To Start Shaving For 2017

Summer┬ámay seem like it’s hear already but it’s not officially here for a few more weeks. But with warm weather comes the ideas of outdoor things to do and events to participate.

Looking for Shave Ice Today?

Big Island Shaved Ice is always looking for New Events or Venues. If you know of a community event that you would love for us to be at, send us an email

Snow Ball Fights Will Never Be The Same

Thank you so much for your continued support of our youth owned business. The students are becoming the masters. If you want to schedule us for the 2016 season just call our

#ShaveIce @BigIslandShaved

Big Island Shave(d) Ice was founded by 3 entrepreneurial youth in Durham NC. Now they say Shaved Ice here in the south so we went along with it. But it doesn’t have