Fundraising Policy

Thank You for partnering with us to assist your organization in raising awareness and funds. It is our mission and goal to serve our community while serving up an excellent cup of shaved ice.

Contribution Guidelines:

$400 to $1,000 earns 20% of proceeds toward your organization.

Greater than $1,000 earns 25% of proceeds toward your organization.

Our policy regarding small events:

We have a $150 minimum due to our cost of operations and supplies. If the event is smaller than anticipated or it’s not a large event being planned we can still help. But our give back program begins once we exceed our $150 sales minimum. When total sales are over $150 but still less than $400 we will give back 10% of sales. We incur staffing and product costs regardless of the size of the event. When the events are small there is no profit available to share. Our goal is to assist you in your goal, so lets work together on size and scope so that we can accomplish your goals.

Thanks for working with us.