History of Shave Ice

History of Shave Ice

Shaved ice is a cool and refreshing Hawaiian treat that dates back to the sugar plantation days of old Hawaii.  Thousands of Japanese immigrants flocked to Hawaii to work on the plantations and with them they brought a frozen treat that is now known as shave ice. Outside of the islands people add an ‘ed to the name which is the more common pronunciation in the other 48 states.

The frozen confection that they introduced to the Hawaiian Islands was not a new concept. In Japan shaved ice is called Kakigori and it dates back to the Heian period running from 794 to 1185 A.D. During that time the ice was brought down from the mountains in the winter and stored in a cave called ‘Himuro’ in Japanese and means ‘Ice room’. At that time ice was considered rare and shave ice was a luxury, a treat reserved for royalty only.

The modern form of shaved ice we know and love today is believed to have been invented in the port town of Yokohama, Japan in 1869. Due to its popularity, by the 1920’s shave ice was a common attraction in stores throughout Japan.

Our goal at the Big Island Shaved Ice Company is to offer an authentic Hawaiian shave ice treat locally to the Triangle community. We have purchased our flavors from Tropical Sno which is simply the best quality of flavor available and we use only organic pure cane sugar not high-fructose corn syrup. We use filtered and purified water to make our ice so that nothing gets in the way of the amazing flavors of our shaved ice treats.

We look forward to sharing all of our flavors with you and sharing the most authentic Hawaiian shaved ice treat you can find in North Carolina.