Shave Ice Makes For A Cool Summer

Shave Ice Durham Pool Party

This has been an awesome summer. We’ve had so many great events, parties and fundraisers. Thanks to our fantastic customers and followers. It’s a pleasure to serve up the snow on a hot summer day. It make my summer pretty cool.

This year we spent a lot of time hanging out by the pool, serving shave ice of course. But on the super hot days it was great to be able to dive in at the end of our time.

Thank you Eno Valley Pool & Tennis Club for allowing us the honor of helping you raise funds for the swim team program and be a party of your DJ Pool Parties.

And thanks to the home owners associations and property management companies that had us come poolside for your residence parties. It’s been super fun being a part of your community. When I’m old enough to rent I’m make sure I contact you.

We still have a few more events coming up. Come join us at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo, the Oxford Hot Sauce Contest and Bahama Days Festival. There maybe a few private parties in there too. But we’re back to school already so we are only available on the weekends.

Mahalo Durham. Thanks Thank you.

Your Friend,


Ps. Email us at or call (919)321-8955 to have us out to your next party.