Wall of Fame

Opening Day Of Our First Season.

We’ve come a long way since the Spring of 2012.

Here is Hunter, one of our founders, serving it up with a song and smile.

“Would you like Pina Colada?”

Our Favorite Quote Of All Time Came From Alex. 

“Who said you can’t eat yellow snow? LOL :-)

This Is Our Favorite Duke Fan. She’s Blue Inside & Out.

Our favorite Blue Raspberry smile!

The Funniest Face Of The Season.

“Wow, that Pucker Pack packs a pucker!”

Only for the super sour fans.

Ice Quality and Flavor Supervisor

Meet our Quality Control Supervisor and one of our founders, Jordan.

It was cold out, but Jordan was willing to sample and confirm our quality was 100%.

The Cooldown Cart At The 5K

We launched our Cooldown Cart for added mobility.

We can shave 400 servings an hour with just one cart.

Big Island Shaved Ice Durham NC

Thank you for a another great season.